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Climate Controlled Storage Facility For Perishables


Crowley and Customized Brokers have two cold-storage facilities with humidity and temperature controlled coolers to handle temporary or overflow storage for your refrigerated or fresh cargo including: flowers, produce, seafood, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chocolates, liquors, seafood and more. Located in both Miami and Jacksonville, and Florida and beyond, these cool chambers operate 24/7 and are equipped with state-of-the-art cooling and monitoring equipment that can be adjusted to meet and maintain varying temperature requirements.

You’ve long known us to be experts at moving and clearing cargo and now you’ll come to know us as experts in chilled storage as well. When you have perishables to ship, there’s fresh and then there's Crowley Fresh .

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In Miami - 305-470-4350

11401 NW 100 Rd
Medley, FL 33178

In Jacksonville - 904-727-4011

2113 W 30th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209

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